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Hot and Bothered

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The first major heatwave of the year strikes the Lakshmi household in episode 113 of Velamma comics. Poor Velamma begs Ramesh to turn on the air-conditioning so she can do her chores without dripping sweat. But Ramesh is too cheap and says they should hold off until the swelter becomes unbearable. When he does finally relent and flips the switch, there is one little problem: The unit doesn't work! Ramesh is also too stingy to call a proper repairman. Instead, he enlists the maintenance man from his job to take a look at the appliance. The maintenance man indeed takes a look under the hood...not only of the air conditioner but also the sexy housewife who simply can't take the heat anymore. Enjoy this episode 😉 The next episode is written also by DarkMark. Read it carefully because a gif is hidden in this episode, too. 😉 Don't forget to rate the episode with ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Yaa i just love that when she involved in threesome.

Sam Velamma Aunty member

The starting is actually very good...the story seems different....Shriya + velamma are seductive combo...hope to see hot sex and makeouts between them...

Antonio Velamma Aunty member

Loved the ending - please make more interracial stories.

Avradeep sen Velamma Aunty member
Home Invasion Episode #112
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