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Mexican Hunt in a Local Bus

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Hello Veena fans, after two years we finally made a new Veena episode. This episode was written by a new writer Sheru and illustrated by a new illustrator Quirogaart so please give us your feedback on the art and the story after you read the full episode.🙏🏽 After this episode is fully released, the next episode will be again from the Velamma series with Abel's artwork and Lei's colors.

After having an exhausting day at work, Veena notices a handsome dark man, who is standing at the bus stop. Later, inside a fully packed and overcrowded bus, which was pissing off Veena, she comes to know that the same man is standing right behind her. The crowd and bangs inside the bus, however, eventually proved helpful to Veena who manages to seduce this Mexican guy with her sexy skills. And, of course, taking advantage of bumps and shaky movements of the bus. What more this Mexican Hunt brings out for Veena? Find out in the latest and newest episode14 of your favorite Veena Comics.

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Yaa i just love that when she involved in threesome.

Sam Velamma Aunty member

The starting is actually very good...the story seems different....Shriya + velamma are seductive combo...hope to see hot sex and makeouts between them...

Antonio Velamma Aunty member

Loved the ending - please make more interracial stories.

Avradeep sen Velamma Aunty member
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