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Working All Night Long

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Script By
Art By
Ilsh Valinur
Colors By
Ilsh Valinur
Available Languages
English, Hindi

Veena is assigned a new project alongside a colleague Manish under the supervision of Mr. Ranade. Manish tries to woo Veena but she’s busy trying to “impress” Mr. Ranade who is turned on by her actions but tries to control himself. Repressed passions unfold one evening when Veena works hard to secure a promotion.

Yaa i just love that when she involved in threesome.

Sam Velamma Aunty member

The starting is actually very good...the story seems different....Shriya + velamma are seductive combo...hope to see hot sex and makeouts between them...

Antonio Velamma Aunty member

Loved the ending - please make more interracial stories.

Avradeep sen Velamma Aunty member
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