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Company Picnic

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Dear members, we have prepared a gif in the gallery for you. Take a look and enjoy 😉 Ramesh tries to impress co-workers at his new job with a wild story of his exotic sexual adventures with Velamma and other couples. The tale is bullshit, of course, but Ramesh is vivid enough a storyteller that several of his workmates believe him. Unfortunately, Ramesh is unaware that the annual company picnic is coming up. His co-workers realize that the corporate outing is their big opportunity, so they trick Ramesh into bringing Velamma along. During the afternoon of the picnic, three of those co-workers will attempt to verify the veracity of Velamma's alleged "hot wife" status in this episode 109! Don’t forget to rate the episode 

Yaa i just love that when she involved in threesome.

Sam Velamma Aunty member

The starting is actually very good...the story seems different....Shriya + velamma are seductive combo...hope to see hot sex and makeouts between them...

Antonio Velamma Aunty member

Loved the ending - please make more interracial stories.

Avradeep sen Velamma Aunty member
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