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Velamma Aunty has begun walking in order to lose a little weight in this episode 108. She gets her exercise every afternoon before Ramesh arrives home from work. The first time that Ramesh notices her improved figure inspires Velamma to walk even farther the next day. She is exploring the National Forest when the Monsoon skies open up and pour down rain, leaving Velamma stranded and dangerously exposed to the elements. Lucky for her, a handsome Forest Guard locates her before night falls. But because of flooding, the two of them are forced to ride out the night in a damp cave! Don’t forget to rate the episode .

Yaa i just love that when she involved in threesome.

Sam Velamma Aunty member

The starting is actually very good...the story seems different....Shriya + velamma are seductive combo...hope to see hot sex and makeouts between them...

Antonio Velamma Aunty member

Loved the ending - please make more interracial stories.

Avradeep sen Velamma Aunty member
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